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Hamewith Books

Published by Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, MI, Hamewith is a special series of books that celebrate our living God -- He who dwells with and within us and who longs to heal us. These books name the idolatries that are rampant today and show how healing can take place. Leanne chose the Scots' word, Hamewith, meaning "at home within" or "the road home" as a name for these books that seek to help us reclaim the full Judeo-Christian view of reality.

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How to Order Books

Hamewith titles are available from your local bookstore, by phone from Christian Book Distributors 1-508-531-5050, or on line from,, or Outside the USA, English language editions may be ordered through Send The Light (retail sales) and Send The Light (trade sales).

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Broken Image, The: Restoring Personal Wholeness through Healing Prayer

Leanne Payne (1981, pp. 176)
A classic work on the healing of homosexuality and gender identity.

Paperback; ISBN: 0-8010-5334-X
Order from Baker BookHouse
Crisis in Masculinity

Leanne Payne (1985, pp. 144)
Explores the philosophical and theological roots of masculinity and feminity and how these are ordered and healed within the soul.

Paperback; ISBN: 0-8010-5320-X
Order from Baker BookHouse
Listening Prayer: Learning to Hear Godís Voice and Keep a Prayer Journal

Leanne Payne (1994, pp. 264)
Insightful and practical instruction on learning to hear God's voice and how to keep a prayer journal.

Paperback; ISBN: 0-8010-5916-X
Order from Baker BookHouse

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